Golaghat played a significant role in the freedom struggle of India. Not to speak of the four valiant martyrs viz Kushal Konwar, Kamala Miri , Biju Vaishanav and Dwariki Das, a good number of men and women, both from urban and rural areas, jumped in the struggle for independence and suffered a lot while doing their duty towards the nation. It is worth mentioning that in many of the movements of the freedom struggle, the role played by the freedom fighters of Golaghat was unparalleled as compared to other places of Assam.

The 'POLITICAL HISTORY OF ASSAM' edited by a group of eminent historians of Assam speaks highly about the role of Golaghat. As per the records available in the book, the number of women volunteers in 1932's Civil Disobedience Movement was highest in Golaghat. Besides, the event of hoisting congress flag in the court building in broad daylight could be achieved in only four places in Assam and Golaghat was one of them. In 42's rebellion, Golaghat and Nagaon became the eyesore of the alien rulers.

The glorious role of Golaghat in the struggle for independence dates back to the first freedom struggle of India in the year 1857 popularly known as Sepoy Mutiny. During the period a camp of sepoys hailing from U.P. and Bihar were stationed in a village named 'NOGORA' about 12 km South of Golaghat town with two of its outposts at Jamuguri and Borpathar. Piyali Barua, a close associate of Moniram Dewan, came to this camp to stir the minds of the sepoys against the British in the line adopted by their colleagues in the northern India. The sepoys were aroused accordingly and they raised the first banner of revolt openly on 29th August 1857. This is reckoned as the first incidence in Assam where the sepoys serving under British rulers raised their voices against their rulers. This place was recognized in the golden jubilee year of Indian's independence by the Golaghat administration.

In the struggle for independence, which went on continuously from 1921 under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, the role played by the freedom fighters of Golaghat was very much significant. Kushal Kunwar , a valiant hero of 42's rebellion went to the gallows with a smiling face on 15th June 1943 being falsely implicated in a train derailment case that took place at Sarupathar. Konwar was the secretary of the congress party at that time. Although the derailment was caused by a group of revolutionaries, Konwar, a votary of non-violence who had gone to the sight to stop the revolutionaries from taking a violent step was caught and sentenced to death. He is the only martyr who went to gallows in 1942 in India. Kamala Miri, an Assamese Mishing hero of 42's rebellion sacrificed his life for the cause of the country in Jorhat Jail on 22nd April 1943. Miri refused to come out of the prison by giving into the demand of the British who wanted a written assurance from him that he would not participate in the struggle movement henceforth. Likewise, in 1932, two freedom fighters attained martyrdom. They were Dwariki Das and Biju Vaishnav. Dwariki Das, a woman from Panka village under Bokakhat died on 26th April at Sivasagar Jail and Vaishnav, a man from Assamese Tea - Community who hailed from Numaligarh gave his life on 14th June at Jorhat Jail. It is worth mentioning that Late Dwariki Das was pregnant at the time of her martyrdom.

Besides these martyrs, many other freedom fighters of Golaghat played significant role in the state and national levels. Sankar Chandra Barua, was a front ranking freedom fighter and his fame shot up during 42's rebellion for his role as an underground leader for four years. The British declared an award of Rupees Ten Thousand for his head during that period. Stalwarts like Joy Prakash Narayan, Aruna Asaf Ali, Ram Monohar Lohia kept close contacts with him during the period of 42's rebellion. Barua and the members of his family suffered unspeakable sufferings during the period. Other noteworthy freedom fighters were Rajendra Nath Barua, Ganga Ram Bormedhi, Dwarikanath Goswami. Rajendra Nath Barua was born with silver spoon in his mouth. Though he could have spent a life of a luxurious man receiving patronage from the British, he opted the life of thorns and remained in the forefront of the struggle. He was imprisoned many times. Gangaram Bormedhi of Dergaon and Dwarikanth Goswami of Dhekial Madhunisra Satra were two front ranking freedom fighters of Golaghat. Late Goswami was the head of the Madhumisra Satra but he did not confine himself within the boundaries of satra unlike others of his class and joined hands with the others who were fighting for freedom. Amongst the women who went to the prison in 1940's Satyagraha, Swarnalata Barua and Haripriya Dutta of Golaghat were first in Assam. The other noteworthy freedom fighters are Keshab Chandra Sonowal, Bhola Barua, Moheswar Barua, Hireswar Das, Somokanta Barua, Uma Barua, Gakul Hazarika, Nabin Goswami, Apiram Gogoi, Gandharam Gogoi Hati Barua, Narendranath Sarma, Dhirendra Nath Dutta, Ramdas Ravidas, Purna Chandra Goswami. Md Hussain Ali, Sonaram Barua, Harichandra Gogoi, Bhadrakanta Phukan, Suren Phukan, Thogiram Bora, Kedar Hazarika, Atmaram Gogoi, Bishnuram Kakoty, Powal Thakur, Phati Chandra Hazarika, Kamaleswar Mahanta are the others in the galaxy of brave freedom fighters from Golaghat. And the others who willingly chose the hard life of freedom strugglers are Hemadhar Patra Bora, Haliram Patra Bora, Dharmeswar Barua, Lakhan Borghoria, Khogiram Kakoty, Pelon Muktiar, Sarat Bhuyan, Tilak Bora, Bidya Gohain, Bapuram Bora, Uttara Bora, Muhit Rajkhowa, Dadhi Khatoniar, Deben Dutta, Cheniram Bora, Gotiram Barua etc.

Sri Indreswar Phukan and Nagen Chutia, the two freedom fighters who were tried along with Kushal Konwar and were given ten years of rigorous imprisonment are still alive. Dhyan Das Sarma and Bhagawati prasad Ladia both from Rajasthani community were active in 42's rebellion.

The history of the freedom struggle in Golaghat is like a long and wide spectrum impossible fit in a nutshell. 

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